Where’s the Mobile Money?

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Mo’ Traffic but No Mobile Money

I was interviewed for this piece by Charlie Warzel for AdWeek. This is a great overview of one of the biggest trends of 2012: mobile, as a total percentage of traffic, grew very quickly—far past most publishers’ ability to monetize it (beyond a handful of mobile native or special properties… ESPN included).

This presents an interesting catch-22: do publishers invest now in formats, technology, site design and analytics to create meaningful mobile offerings for later this year and beyond? 

If I were a publisher, faced with the existing data and the reality that more and more consumption will be across smartphones and tablets, the answer would be a resounding yes.

Eric Franchi

Eric Franchi is co-founder of Undertone and serves as senior vice president of business development, leading the company’s relationships with its most important partners. A respected industry leader, Eric has been featured in publications including Ad Age, Adweek and The Wall Street Journal, and on stages worldwide including IAB MIXX, Advertising Week and Cannes. He has held a place on the board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for several years, helping guide the digital advertising industry through a period of rapid growth and change.


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  1. Publishers certainly don’t have a choice, however do they have the leadership and courage to take the road and stick to it, not to mention the financial impact of the investment, is the question. I think the smaller players will battle and get killed off for sure.

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