Why a guarantee?

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Because we want to further support what we have been saying in the marketplace for years. Advertisers should be able to leverage the benefits that networks offer such as scale, efficiency, targeting, etc. without having to jeopardize their brand.

We hear from our network peers on a regular basis that it is more efficient for many of them to apologize than to put in the necessary precautions to avoid negative content adjacencies in the first place. I find that to be an unacceptable business practice.

When Michael Learmonth at AdAge asked me if we are upping the ante, I responded with a resounding yes. I hope our competitors come out with similar guarantees at the $100k and $200k levels. It will be interesting to see what impact this has and where it goes from here. Overall, the dollar amount won’t make the difference. It’s the fact that networks are going to stand by their word and be accountable that will change the marketplace.

There are plenty of great mid and long tail networks that should not have to make a guarantee. They are in a different business and do a good job communicating their role in the ecosystem. However, if you are touting quality and then running 80% of a client’s campaign across MySpace and using the ‘behavioral targeting’ excuse to justify that, you are in trouble.

We are going to continue to raise the bar and make sure clients have an accountable and trustworthy option with Undertone.


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