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At Undertone, one of our highest priorities is the health and happiness of our employees. We try to make sure our employees know how valued and special they are every day—but today we want them to know it even more!

On Employee Appreciation Day, we get the amazing opportunity to thank our employees for all that they do to support the organization. Their intelligence, hard work, and positive attitudes are what make Undertone such a special place. While our products and services are what get us noticed in the marketplace, it is our people who make us stand out in the industry. 

For this Employee Appreciation Day, we’re sharing the top 5 things that make the members of our Undertone team so special.

1. They work tirelessly, intelligently, and resiliently.

There’s a reason we win awards like Crain’s Best Places to Work and Selling Power’s 50 Best Companies to Sell For year after year. Our team members don’t just work hard at their own jobs—they set goals way beyond their job descriptions and push until a perfect solution is found. In an industry where companies fold frequently and consistently, Undertone has managed to maintain its place as an industry leader in major part because our employees never settle for good enough.

2. They bring individuality and diverse perspectives to everything they do.

Undertone employees are far from monolithic. They come from all across the world and bring unique points of views that only make the company better. Having a diversity of perspectives helps them understand our client partners better and infuses everything they do with a level of empathy that makes Undertone stand out from the pack.

3. They are customer service experts.

The Undertone team is filled with talented people who excel in their roles and skills. But if you ask any of our client partners what really makes Undertone shine, they’ll tell you it’s our unparalleled customer service. Our team members know that our client partners are just that; they provide them with the care and consideration of clients and value their input as partners. It’s the reason we’re known for our white-glove service.

4. They know how to have fun.

Work hard, play hard might be a cliché, but it’s our cliché. Our employees take fun seriously, celebrating together for a job well done (or maybe just because it’s Friday afternoon). They take the time to bond with one another because they know that better relationships make for better work.

5. They are the ultimate team players.

Everyone at Undertone has a unique role but no one can do their job without some help. It’s amazing to see how Undertone employees step in wherever and whenever they are needed. Whether it’s taking on extra work to help out a team member or stepping up when a client calls, Undertoners know and show that together is always better.

Thank you once again to our fantastic employees. We truly appreciate all that you do and are so lucky you joined the Undertone team. If you’d like to join us, apply for a role through the careers page on our website.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day to everyone in the Undertone family!

Ilana Greenberg

Ilana Greenberg is the Brand Marketing Content Coordinator for Undertone. In this role, she provides the copy, content, and social media posts for Undertone's global offices. She has worked as a writer and editor since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis.


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