What Facebook’s Changes Mean For Publishers

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Haven’t heard about the recent Facebook algorithm changes? Well, then you must not be a publisher. These changes have led to the quick demise of many once highly profitable sites. These sites were brought down by one thing: lack of diversification. So, what happened and how can Undertone be the partner that keeps your company not just above water, but fully afloat?

Publisher sites like LittleThings and Rare.us relied heavily on Facebook to drive organic traffic to their sites and did so successfully for years. With Facebook’s previous algorithm, their content would appear on news feeds in abundance—to the point of overtaking feeds and pushing users’ content out of the way. Not only was this an excellent way to drive organic traffic, but it also provided brand awareness and free advertising. These were the reasons for Facebook’s changes: get rid of the sites taking advantage of this loophole and clean up their users’ news feeds.

While Facebook’s algorithm update shook and surprised the digital advertising industry, it really shouldn’t have—this change was a long time coming. Publishers mostly reliant on social media traffic have experienced significant drops in traffic over the past few years from previous algorithm changes. Some made the smart decision to diversify their advertising solutions, but many clung to Facebook, and are now paying the price.

For companies reeling from Facebook’s algorithm changes, Undertone offers the perfect publisher solution. While already at a high level, demand continues to grow for Undertone’s proprietary high impact units. The company has experienced quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year impression growth (Q4 2017 had a 40% impression growth over Q4 2016. Q1 2018 had a 70% impression growth over Q1 2017.) This is because our proprietary units, with their large canvas and engaging creative, have proven time and time again to build brand preference and drive big results for advertisers. Undertone delivers incremental monetization to publisher partners, because our campaigns don’t compete against existing ad slots; we serve our units from the 1×1 ad slot.

The value of our high impact units cannot be overstated. Because we offer premium ad experiences, we attract premium publishers. We work with top-tier Fortune 250 brands, offering them unique brand experiences that consistently and significantly outperform standard media and industry standards.

For publishers rocked by a reduction in social traffic, Undertone can help offset some of the revenue loss. This industry shift is just another reminder that the digital landscape is ever changing and that publishers can’t rely on a single acquisition strategy. Brands continue to look for creative outlets to engage consumers in a digital environment—we have the brands and are always expanding our publisher network.

Kaz Oplustil

Kaz Oplustil is an accomplished and results-driven Publisher Development and Sales executive with experience in Display, Video, Mobile, Programmatic and Data driven organizations. He currently serves as Undertone's VP Global Publisher Development.


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