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Today we’re extremely excited to introduce ScreenShift: the industry’s first cross-screen high impact ad format built with responsive design.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the importance of responsive design, and it’s something we’ve talked about a lot here at Undertone over the past few months. Consumers are increasingly accessing the Web from smartphones and tablets, but most high impact formats are still designed only for the PC experience. That leaves brand marketers without some of their best tools in an environment that already represents a third of all online behavior.

ScreenShift changes all of that. It’s built with responsive design using HTML5, so it serves seamlessly and at scale across smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Rich interactive functionality is available on every screen, including image galleries, live social network integration, animations, and interactive tools.

ScreenShift delivers an optimal experience on every device, regardless of screen size, with just one creative execution and implementation. On desktop and tablet, it serves as a full-browser-width pushdown (with persistent leave-behind); on smartphone, it’s a full-screen format with leave-behind. We can even tailor the interaction model of the ad for each device (such as click/drag for desktop, tap/swipe and click-to-call for mobile)

The best part? Because the entire campaign is served from a single piece of creative (rather than resized and refactored creative on different platforms), we’re able to provide truly unified apples-to-apples engagement and interaction metrics across devices.

So how are we able deliver this groundbreaking ad experience at scale?

ScreenShift is the first format built with Undertone’s Impact Accelerator™, a proprietary new platform that serves as a framework for rapidly developing and launching new cross-screen high impact formats. All formats built with the Impact Accelerator will be developed in HTML5 using responsive design.

We’ll be sharing more details about Impact Accelerator soon; for now, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited about it. And in the meantime, take some time to consider how important it’s becoming to deliver consistent high impact brand experiences to consumers across all devices. ScreenShift makes that easy. See it in action here.

Anthony Iaffaldano

Anthony Iaffaldano leads Undertone's Product Marketing team and is responsible for setting the go-to market strategy for the company's portfolio of offerings. An industry veteran with more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and technology, Anthony has focused his career on bringing innovative solutions to market for brands and marketers. When not knee deep in industry jargon, you can find Anthony correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation of his last name (the I sounds like a Y…), or arguing passionately for the relevance of the NHL in the US market. You can find him on Twitter at @brooklahn.


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