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Mobile, High Impact, Effective.

Undertone’s new mobile high impact unit, Expandable Adhesion, has been in market for six months and won’t be going anywhere soon. With click rates 12 times greater than traditional banner ads and user interaction rates as high as 10%, this unit blends L.E.A.N. principles and a polite user experience without sacrificing performance. Top-tier brands like Starbucks, Honda, and Verizon are already leveraging this new mobile ad unit to drive business results. Publishers have also been quick to adopt Expandable Adhesion, making it one of Undertone’s fastest growing units to date.

This non-invasive, yet engaging format has three states: an animating teaser, a sticky banner, and an expanded canvas. The unit begins with a teaser animation on the bottom third of the screen, which draws users in. After resolving down into a sticky banner at the bottom of the page, users can expand the unit for an immersive, full-screen experience, which can include videos, games, social sharing, and more.

The format provides a unique experience that is non-invasive to users and allows publisher content to remain highly visible—while still allowing advertisers to tell their full creative story. With close attention on delivering L.E.A.N., user-focused messages to consumers, Expandable Adhesion answers the call for consumers, advertisers, and publishers alike.

See below for an example of this unit, or check it out in our creative gallery HERE.

Ben Ilaria

Ben Ilaria is a Senior Product Marketing Analyst helping to identify, launch, and improve Undertone’s current and future offerings. He also works closely in defining and developing product and campaign strategies to help clients drive business results when leveraging Undertone’s suite of media solutions. Ben is a recent graduate of Fordham University and started his career as an Intern at Undertone in 2014.


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