Questions to Ask Your Video Ad Provider

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Video advertising is no longer just for early adopters. With the rapid rise in video content online and continuing advances in creative formats, video is becoming a permanent fixture on more and more media plans. As the channel continues to mature, so too do the number of companies providing video solutions and that brings both risks and opportunities for advertisers.

Here are five questions we at Undertone think you should be asking your video advertising provider:

1. Am I buying 100% pre-roll?
In-banner video can be highly effective, but as an advertiser you should know if that’s what you’re buying. Many video advertising providers will claim they’re selling you pre-roll, but many of your impressions will be served in-banner.

2. Do you offer flexible pricing?
Video advertising providers that are confident in the quality of their content should be willing to sell you inventory on both a CPM and CPCV (cost-per-completed-view).

3. How do I know where my video ads will run?
Does your video advertising provider provide a full site list? If not, ask why. This could be an indication that your video ads are running alongside undesirable content.

4. Can you offer reach I can’t get anywhere else?
While video inventory is expanding, quality inventory is still relatively scarce which is why many ad providers will offer you access to the same content. Ask your video provider what content they can give you access too that no other provider can.

5. Can you integrate video with display?
Video can work well as a standalone channel, but integrating your campaigns with display or high impact can offer significant upside. Make sure the providers you work with have the ability to plan and optimize across multiple formats to get you the best ROI.

Take it from us… Undertone has been selling digital advertising to blue chip brands for more than a decade, so we know what works and why.

Alan Schanzer works directly with Undertone clients to guide the strategic application of its Ad Solutions that best align with brands goals and objectives. Market intelligence gained through Alan’s efforts help to drive the company’s product innovation and refinement. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and a frequent speaker and contributor at agency and industry events.


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