Social Media in Five Short Bullet Points

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Last week I participated in a panel at the OMMA Social conference in New York. In preparation to speak with industry colleagues about social media and how it stimulates popular media tune-in for events, I connected with some customers who are specialized social media buyers and learned a few good nuggets that I wanted to share:

  • Social media isn’t as viral as it used to be. It’s big business for producers and advertising brands spending big dollars to get noticed by the viral wave.

  • Social media users don’t want to talk with a shoe. If you are a shoe advertiser, try to remember that.

  • If you ARE a shoe advertiser, try to lend your metaphorical shoes to social media users. Maybe they’ll try them on and – heck – buy them. At Undertone, we call this “social activation.” Be sure to buy ad space that gets people playing with your social media assets.

  • For social media businesses and advertisers, customer retention is now a hot topic. How do you keep the interest of users who have volunteered their attention to you?

  • Social media gets too much credit. Some events, people and products will always be so popular that there is nothing social media buzz can do to boost exposure. Although people who work in social media businesses or who use social media frequently will try to convince you differently.


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