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Jaime Nash is a one-of-a-kind member of the Undertone team. As Director of Creative and Technology, she sits at the intersection between the Sales and Product teams, ensuring the new formats and solutions we bring to market are meeting the needs of our clients, following market trends, and helping brands make better connections to consumers. She also tours the country with our sales team, leading sessions on best practices and creative strategy to educate and empower our clients.


We sat down with Jaime for a quick Q&A in anticipation of the Youth Marketing Summit, at which she will be a panelist for the “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic” session.


Undertone: How long have you been at Undertone?

Jaime Nash: I have been at Undertone for almost four years.  


UT: What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time here?

JN: Helping to reshape Undertone’s offering to be more current, more strategic, and ultimately, provide more value to our partners is definitely what I am most proud of. Our new message of synchronization is something I’m really passionate about. It perfectly aligns with the needs of brands, agencies, and consumers right now, and it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.


UT: What has been your biggest challenge while working here?

JN: Keeping up with a rapidly changing industry without compromising our core values and maintaining our position as a creative leader has been challenging but ultimately rewarding. Being active members of the IBA and CBA shows me how seriously we take these challenges and how we are always pushing ourselves to be and do better.  


UT: Where do you see the future of your field heading?

JN: Content and creative are flirting so close to each other, soon (if not tomorrow) they’ll be interchangeable as assets within social and traditional display. Just look at how influencer content has grown to become branding assets, memes, editorial content, etc. We need to think about how we redefine creative strategies for different brands and redefine goals and KPIs.


UT: How has the role of creativity changed over the last 10 years? How has that informed your role at Undertone?

JN: The importance of compelling creative increases every year. With the introduction of every new content platform, a new way for brands to engage consumers is born, and we need to be ready to pivot and address it quickly. It’s kept me on my toes and prevented me from falling back on so-called reliable tactics. You constantly need to reshape the wheel to make sure you’re capitalizing on audiences in the right way.


UT: What is your favorite thing about Undertone?

JN: The endless possibilities we create for brands through our formats. They are blank canvases with which most anything is possible.


UT: What are you most looking forward to doing at YMS?

JN: I’m really looking forward to sharing and comparing with other marketers about such a complex area of advertising. For this reason, I’m especially excited to be on stage for the “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic” session along with panelists from Six Flags and Truth Initiative. It’ll definitely be a great opportunity to teach, learn, and share what we know.


Don’t miss Jaime at YMS NYC on October 2. She will appear on the “Digital Creative Strategies for Engaging the Youth Demographic” panel, talking all about how cross-platform storytelling through captivating digital creative can help brands find, keep, and engage with the youth demographic.

Ilana Greenberg

Ilana Greenberg is the Brand Marketing Content Coordinator for Undertone. In this role, she provides the copy, content, and social media posts for Undertone's global offices. She has worked as a writer and editor since graduating from Washington University in St. Louis.


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