The Ever Evolving Internship

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The other week a few members of Undertone’s HR team headed to Berkeley, CA to attend and present at the Global Internship Conference. And just before that, we welcomed more than 20 summer interns to the team – a number that represents around 12 percent of our total workforce. With all the excitement around our intern program, I couldn’t help but wonder – is this the norm these days? Does every college graduate enter the workforce as an intern? And is a robust internship program like ours at Undertone typical of many companies?

I sat down with our HR Associate & Internship Program Manager, Katie Rash, to get the download on the ever-evolving internship and here are a few fun facts I learned…

  • The word internship itself was initially just a North American expression. But in the past decade, the rest of the world has adopted it to describe the practice of young people exploring the workplace as part of their further education.
  • Universities have significantly increased their affiliation with corporations to offer students increased opportunities and they are very selective; many even have a pre-qualification process before internships are made available via school communications.
  • At Undertone, a big part of our internship program focuses on developing and retaining the amazing talent we’ve found so all interns that come in the door have the opportunity to become full-time employees. In fact, 10 percent of our current employees started out as interns!
  • Roughly 75 percent of college students will complete at least one internship over the course of their undergraduate program – a stat that has doubled since the early ‘80s.
  • At Undertone, 100 percent of our 2012 Summer Intern candidates came to us through our very own EDU Program, which strives to educate students about career opportunities at Undertone while taking a deeper dive into the evolution of the online advertising industry.

And with that, we re-welcome our Intern Class of 2012 and look forward to continued growth of the program both here at Undertone and at organizations and universities around the world.


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