Undertone + Sparkflow: A Continued Investment in Creative, Technology, and Innovation

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At Undertone we believe deeply in the power of creative, and we invest heavily in technology and innovation. Digital screens are more fragmented and cluttered than ever, so it’s increasingly tough to get consumers’ attention; at the same time, the industry is undergoing rapid, complex changes that make the marketplace difficult to navigate. Brands need more help than ever to stand out in this environment, and breakthrough creative powered by innovative technology is the solution.

These beliefs drive many of our investments. For example, it’s why we created Future Proof Labs, which we use to explore advertising opportunities in emerging technology, and why we acquired a platform that enabled us to bring more engaging advertising creative to the programmatic space. It’s also why earlier this year, we launched PIXL Studios to help brands take better advantage of our outstanding creative formats.

This week, that momentum continues with our acquisition of Sparkflow, a rich media platform that will enable us to bring innovative, proprietary ad formats to market even faster. Importantly, it will also enable an even greater portfolio of functionality to drive consumer engagement through our ad units. At the end of the day it’s all about engagement and we think this acquisition takes us to a new level of capability.

The addition of Sparkflow to the Undertone tech stack streamlines and enhances our capabilities in high impact, mobile, video, and social. It also simplifies our processes and allows us to build exciting ad units more quickly, so our clients’ ads can come to life faster than ever. Sparkflow’s ad builder actually makes it possible to create an impressive ad experience in as little as 10 minutes – as you’ll see in the quick video below!

Timelapse showing an ad being built in just 10 minutes.

Sparkflow is a perfect fit. Like Undertone they have been focused on building great technology to drive consumer engagement across screens and with an eye on serving the needs of big brands. That great alignment and a top notch development team made this deal easy to understand.

We’re particularly excited to immediately start taking advantage of Sparkflow’s video and social rich media capabilities. What does that mean for advertisers? It’s simple: we can help them deliver high quality, attention-grabbing creative across screens, and of course have all the analytics needed to analyze campaign success.

Our plan is to also integrate Sparkflow into Undertone’s Virtuoso platform, creating a powerful end-to-end solution from creative design and build through programmatic delivery and reporting. A brand offering that will be truly unique in the market. The Sparkflow platform is the perfect complement to our focus on creative and innovation, and it boosts our technology platform in a way that will drive direct benefits for brands and publishers. I’m excited about this acquisition, not only because of its great technology but also because of the great results we expect to deliver to our customers.

Read more about the acquisition in Adexchanger.

See the press release here.

Corey Ferengul joined Undertone in 2013 as COO before being promoted to CEO in 2014. Prior to Undertone, Corey was an executive at Rovi Corporation, a publicly traded digital media software and services company, where his responsibilities included product planning, marketing, strategy, M&A and business development. Corey also has extensive experience through his career in both the management of large multinational teams and the evaluation and execution of M&A transactions. Corey holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Illinois State University and currently resides in Chicago with his wife and children.


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