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The most native-like social display unit is here, and it’s only available through Undertone. The leader in Social Display Ads, Spaceback, and the leader in emotionful creative, Undertone, have released the newest addition to the high impact social display suite that combines the power of social, display, and Undertone’s flagship full page unit, Page Grabber.

Brands are spending billions to create, produce, and share social content. Whether it’s organic, ad, and/or influencer content – it’s a big business. Social ad spend alone in 2020 is projected to reach $43.5 billion (eMarketer, Oct. 2019), not to mention the additional money and time investments for organic posts, social media management and strategy, and more. Why? Because there are tons of eyes there – and that’s only projected to increase.

If brands are spending so much money to create content for their social media pages, wouldn’t you want to make the most of those dollars and leverage them outside of the social walls to amplify it’s reach and performance?

That’s exactly why Undertone’s Social Display Page Grabber is the most unique social display unit available for brands, and the best way to repurpose social assets in a way that feels completely natural to the consumer social experience.

So how do you use these assets in a way that will be most similar to the original platform where they are meant to be consumed? You reinvent the social experience on the mobile web.

Repurposing social assets isn’t just about using the pictures you post and putting them into an ad. That’s because social creative is designed and produced with the social experience in mind. They’re snackable 1-6 second looping gifs, they’re user (or influencer) generated images that show your product in action and are designed to grab attention in a flash.

Check it out in action HERE.

Over 500 million users now use Instagram Stories every day (99Firms), making the Instagram Story a very common and enjoyable experience for internet users. You can create this social display experience without any additional assets. All you need is the link to the social post, and Undertone can handle the rest. The Social Display Page Grabber seamlessly integrates the social story with a powerful full page ad experience that feels natural to the user, both on social and on the web. And with viewability upwards of 80%, this unit will not only be seen, but will be noticed.

Oh, and did we mention – this unit can be turned around in 24 hours?

High Impact & Social Display. Created and delivered in one day.

Interested in leveraging this unit for one of your brands? Reach out to info@undertone.com


About Undertone: Undertone provides cutting-edge technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its proprietary Creative Synchronized Digital Branding combines data, distribution and creative to deliver cohesive stories across all critical touchpoints: screens, platforms and a transparent, customizable list of elite publishers. The AI-driven platform eliminates fragmentation, delivers much-needed revenue for publishers and, most importantly, ensures brand messaging is contextually relevant. Undertone creates stunning campaigns that align with KPIs—always with beautiful creative and in brand-safe environments. Learn more at www.undertone.com.

About Spaceback: Spaceback is the first platform to automatically bridge the gap between social media content and traditional ads, extending the reach of social media content to achieve outstanding results for digital marketers. Its proprietary Social Display Ads are the quickest and easiest way to authentically recreate social media posts within traditional display media, enabling brands to move at the speed of culture and deliver more engaging experiences to their audience across all channels. Find out more at www.spaceback.me


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