The Value of Effective Creative on the Campaign Trail

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What was the last online ad you saw today? I almost guarantee if you ask 100 people, 99 would say they do not remember, and that my friends, is a problem. In the 1970’s a person saw around 500 ads per day. Today, that same person sees over 5,000 per day, but now, our brains have learned to ignore them.

Throughout a long career in advertising, and to this day, I’ve heard “we will reach the right people, on the right screen, at the right time.” But, what good does that do if no one remembers the ad? We all know this is a problem for consumer brands, but few consider what advertising avoidance means to political campaigns. Candidates and causes face an even bigger challenge, because there is so much noise and over-saturation of ads on TV, online, and social.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 40% of all media spend is wasted.   While an agency can produce high-impact and effective creative, choosing the right partner with the right data and distribution can help deliver messages in a highly-targeted and strategic way that resonates.

So, what is the solution? Yes, you still need the right audience with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data, delivering the ad on the right screen. Timing is key, but now more than ever making an ad memorable is as or more important. Political campaigns have unique needs, and the election cycle requires quick turnaround times. But, times have changed and companies such as ours have developed solutions that can be active and running the same day.

There is no single silver bullet to running amazing political campaigns online. It takes great data, constant optimizations, and access to cross media platforms, and memorable creative to make it all work. So when you are planning your next campaign, even though your platform of choice, audience targeting, and message may be spot on, you also need to consider whether your ad will be one of the few that resonates.



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