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By this point, the digital industry is familiar with the Media Rating Council (MRC)’s definition of viewability: an ad served with at least 50% of its pixels in the viewable portion of a browser for a minimum of one second. And since the MRC finally lifted its viewability advisory on March 31, the way has been paved for advertisers to transact on viewable impressions for display ads. There’s been significant improvement in measurability amongst different viewability measurement vendors—although it’s important to note that discrepancies between vendors still exist, given the fact that vendors still have to adapt to the MRC’s recommendations. (The MRC has given them 60 days to do so.)

So where do we stand here at Undertone? We’ve always prided ourselves on helping brands stand out, be seen, and be remembered – so it’s no surprise that we support increasing viewability and the MRC’s decision to encourage advertisers to transact on viewable impressions for display. Many of our proprietary high impact formats are already inherently viewable by the nature of their can’t-miss screen real estate. And now, we’ve launched Verified View™: a new product that allows advertisers to purchase display ads and select IAB Rising Stars on a Cost per Viewable Impression basis, as measured by independent, accredited third parties. This product offers our advertisers the confidence that they’ll only be charged for ad impressions that are viewable by users—uniquely differentiating Verified View from other products in market that are focused simply on reporting in-view rate.

To start, Verified View applies to display units and select IAB Rising Stars units; we expect to extend this new pricing model to additional units as the MRC continues to update its stance on viewability measurement. Campaigns using Verified View will support measurement by four MRC-accredited vendors*: comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Moat, with the goal to support additional viewability vendors as they become MRC-accredited.

We’re excited to offer a product that ensures advertisers get what they pay for: ads that are seen. A focus on viewability is the way forward for the digital industry, and we’re happy to be at the forefront in offering brands a solution.

*Viewability rates for the IAB Rising Stars are not measured by every MRC-accredited provider.

Sekou White

As member of Undertone’s Product marketing team, Sekou is responsible for crafting product messaging and positioning, developing go-to-market strategy for new products as well as developing innovative marketing programs that will help drive market awareness and demand. He has a diverse marketing background with over 13 years of experience in the technology, entertainment and media industries. Sekou holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University.


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