Virtuoso™: Automation Meets the Art of Advertising

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Our acquisition of Upfront Digital Media in June of this year was an extremely exciting moment for Undertone. For the first time, we had access to our own programmatic capabilities, and we shared big plans to use those capabilities in a new and different way. Upfront came to us with a great product—one very aligned with Undertone, given Upfront’s focus on brand-building and quality. But we promised to take things a step further and create a brand that’s uniquely linked to what the combined forces of Undertone and Upfront can offer.

When we looked at all the programmatic offerings out there, it was difficult to tell them apart. They all seemed to focus on the same things: automation and efficiency. Those are great, valuable things—but they’re not the whole picture.

Enter Virtuoso.

Virtuoso is Undertone’s end-to-end technology platform, which makes it easier than ever to execute high impact digital ad campaigns at scale. With Virtuoso, we wanted to do more than focus on efficiency. At the end of the day, the goal of advertising is to create an emotional connection with the consumer, and that’s something that most programmatic offerings don’t take into account.  A Virtuoso is a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit. That’s just what our offering is: the skill of great tech combined with the art of creating engaging formats paired with great context. It’s automation without sacrificing the emotion of advertising. Put another way: It’s programmatic, refined.

At launch, Virtuoso is all about delivering a programmatic solution with the quality of Undertone at its core: scalable access to unique ad formats on the best digital inventory. With Virtuoso, we remove two of the major concerns that come with many programmatic platforms. First, the ability to scale high impact formats like the IAB Rising Stars (a few others offer them programmatically, but scale is extremely limited); our deep publisher relationships allow us to offer access to their most impactful inventory, across screens. Second, access to quality inventory – something for which programmatic advertising has hardly been known. Clients who buy from us programmatically can expect the same brand-safe standards that Undertone inventory is known for: it’s hand-picked, monitored, and certified, using a combination of proprietary technology, human monitoring, and third-party data and validation.

Programmatic is just the beginning: in the coming months, we’ll be integrating additional creative and analytics components into Virtuoso, making it even easier for advertisers to successfully build, execute, and learn from their campaigns. In the meantime, learn more here about what Virtuoso offers today.

Anthony Iaffaldano

Anthony Iaffaldano leads Undertone's Product Marketing team and is responsible for setting the go-to market strategy for the company's portfolio of offerings. An industry veteran with more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and technology, Anthony has focused his career on bringing innovative solutions to market for brands and marketers. When not knee deep in industry jargon, you can find Anthony correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation of his last name (the I sounds like a Y…), or arguing passionately for the relevance of the NHL in the US market. You can find him on Twitter at @brooklahn.


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