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Undertone Announces Automated Content Recognition (ACR) Virtual Panel Discussion

(NY, NY April 28, 2020, Business Wire) Undertone has announced Undertone Anywhere, a series of virtual panel discussions across a variety of current industry topics. On May 6th at 2pm EST, Undertone will host their first event, Understanding ACR, which brings together a virtual panel of speakers including ACR providers, industry experts, and brand representatives who are leveraging ACR technology.

The ACR space has recently jumped right to the top of brand/client discussions with the onset of social distancing guidelines and the COVID-19 pandemic, due to changes in media consumption across almost every demographic.

In this 1-hour panel discussion, we’ll explore the current ACR landscape and address industry capabilities, ACR strengths, challenges, and opportunities that brands have when leveraging this data.

Here they’ll also discuss what the current events regarding the coronavirus have had and will have on ACR data, and what the future might look like for this technology.

The webinar will be held via Zoom Webinars, and you can RSVP to the event and access the live stream details HERE.

Panelists: Ronan Higgins: CEO – TVadSync; Ken Norcross: Director, Business Development – Vizio/Inscape; Chris Dexheimer: Manager, Digital Media & Audience Development – HBO; Alex Ingenito: Director, Digital – Horizon Media (A&E Network)

About Undertone

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